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What is Supercomputer?

A supercomputer is an advanced version of a computer, In other words, we can say that the supercomputer is the fastest type of computer that process more than 2 billion input-output messages in a fraction of a second. Because it is very expensive in comparison to ordinary daily use computers hence it is employed for specialized applications that required large amounts of mathematical calculation for example in the field of the environment and many other areas. At present, there are more than 500 known supercomputers present in the world and there are many that are not known to the world. Here’s is the list of some fastest supercomputers in the world.

1. Sierra

Sierra or ats2 is a supercomputer built for the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory for use by the national nuclear Security Administration as the second advanced technology system. It is primarily used for predictive application and stockpile stewardship helping to assure the safety reliability and effectiveness of the United States weapons. Sierra boasts a peak performance of 125 petaflops ranked as the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world on the latest top 500 list the Sierra system uses IBM Power 9 CPUs in conjunction with Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs the nodes in Sierra are Withspoon IV Ms 922 Ic open power servers with two 2 GPUs per CPU and 4 GPUs per node. These nodes are connected with EDR InfiniBand in 2019 Sierra was upgraded with IBM power system AC 922 nodes.

2. Summit

OLC F4 is a supercomputer developed by IBM for use at the Oak Ridge leadership computing facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory capable of 200 petaflops thus making it the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world. It held the number-one position from November 2018 to June 2020. Its current lintpac Benchmark is clocked at 148.6 petaflops as of November 2019. The supercomputer is the most energy efficient in the world with a measured power efficiency of 14.668 gigaflops per watt Summit was the first supercomputer to reach exaflop speed achieving 1.88 exaflops during a genomic analysis and is expected to reach 3.3 explicitly using mixed precision calculations. Summit is very similar in architecture to the Sierra supercomputer built for the Lawarance Liveren National Laboratory. The summit supercomputer provides scientists and researchers the opportunity to solve complex tasks in the field of energy artificial intelligence human health and other research area and it is been used in earthquake simulating extreme weather. Simulating using AI material science genomics and in predicting the lifetime of neutrinos in physics.


Lumia is a petascale supercomputer located at the CSC data center in Kajani Finland. As of June 2022, the computer is the fastest supercomputer in Europe. The completed system consists of around 200 000 cores capable of executing more than 375 petaflops with a theoretical peak performance of more than 550 petaflops which places it among the top five most powerful computers in the world in the June 2022 top 500 ranks Lumi ranked at number 3 with an amazing performance of 151.9 petaflops the system is being supplied by Hewlett-Packward Enterprise providing an HP cray supercomputer with next generation with the next generation 64 core AMD epic aCPUs and AMD Radeon instinct GPUs Lumi is an up-base system and majority of them computing power comes of them from its GPU cores and architecture which was chosen primarily for its cost for performance advancement. The system is equipped with 32 terabytes of RAM and storage including a seven-petabyte of flash storage combined with 80 petabytes of traditional storage both based on the luster parallel file system as well as a 30-petabyte data management service based on ceph this gives the system total storage of 117 petabytes of storage with an aggregated lowa bandwidth of 2 terabytes per second the computer uses 100 % hydroelectric energy and the heat it generates will be captured and used to heat building in the area of making one of the best and most environmentally efficient supercomputers in the world.

4. Fuguka

Fuguka is a pedoscale supercomputer at the Reichen Centre for Computational Science in Kobe Japan. It started with development in 2014 as the successor to the K computer and made its debut in 2020. It is named after an alternative name for Mount Fuji. It became the world’s fastest computer or supercomputer in the 2020 top 500 list. The IBM summit as well as becoming the first arm architecture-based computer to achieve this at this time when it also achieve 1.42 exoflips using the mixed fp 16 fp64 precision play benchmark that started regularly. operations in 2021 in 2020 Fugaku also attained the top spot in another ranking that the best computers on different test computers on different work hold including graphite 500 ppl and hpcg benchmark. No previous supercomputer has LED all four rankings at once.

4. Frontier

Frontier was supercomputer as the fastest supercomputer in the world by Frontier in May 2022 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Frontier or olc5 ad the world’s first exascale supercomputer hosted at the Oka Ridge leadership computing facility and the Tennessee United States, it is based on the Crayex is the successor to Simmit as of June 2022 Frontier was the world’s fastest computer using AMD CPUs and gauge Frontier achieved an R Max of 1.103 exoflips the supercomputer tops the green 500 lists for most efficient supercomputer measured at 62. 68 gigaflops per watt. Frontier uses 9472 AMD epic 7A 53’s treto 64 core 2 gigahertz CPUs and 37 888 trading instant 10 by 250 X gpus. They can perform double precision operations at the sa, me time the machine was built for the cost of 600 million dollars. They began to deploy in 2021 and reached full capable ability in 2022..The frontier and storage layer comprises ssds installed directly into computer nodes and connected ot amd/s kick process using a {D Gen 4 interface these name droves will offer an aggregate performance of over 75 terabytes per second read speed over 35 terabytes per second write speed and over 15 billion random read input out operation per second input or output information included along with the 700 petabytes or iron sight wide luster for Fewer systems.

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