Some Amazing Emerging Technology

The future is here and it’s about to start getting insane technological development in recent years has been pretty crazy just think about what a smartphone can do now compared to one of those huge bricks from the 80s or even how far we’ve come since playing snake on our Nokia’s back in the early 200s but it’s not just smartphones that are changing new tech is going to completely change our lives in ways you can hardly imagine from the new brand of virtual glasses to the satellite launched that changes everything. Here are 15 emerging technologies that will change our world.

#.Mojo Vision Prototypes

Invisible computing is what Mojo’s vision is all about the founders of the company hail from places like apple Google Amazon and Microsoft. So it’s pretty bug Venture they want to make us less dependent on the screen instead of taking out your phone to see why it vibrated in the middle of a conversation you merely have to look to the corner of your eye to activate an interface that tells you in a spite second what some troll on Twitter just commented on your profile about awesome I can’t wait but I might have to because it’s actually not easy to make smart contact lenses alphabet subsidiary verily to refocus its smart lens program after running into some major problems you need the right sensors and the right sizes enough power to make everything work a display and an image sensor these new technology sensors include things kike custom wireless radios and motion sensors for tracking the eyes and the stabilizing of the image if you wear the lens and look straight ahead you won’t see anything that’ll alter your vision but if you look at any corner icons like calendar the weather notification music playback and more could appear so would you want to wear your phone screen on your eyes.


An American company has tried out a way to send safelight into space that uses a high-speed spinning machine instead of conventional Rockets. The new technology machine runs on kinetic energy is meant to make satellite launches much cheaper and uses way less fuel spin launch is located in California that’s where they made the system a test launch happened recently at a private space launch complex in the western states of New Mexico called Spaceport America the company said the payloads from several groups including the American space agency NASA were used in the tests spin launch said in a statement that all payloads were flown and recovered successfully didn’t say anything that the payloads were thought oh what’s that you want to know what I would fire into space using chemical energy how about those.

Twitter trolls from earlier anyway the sub-orbital accelerator from spin launch was a success in the test it’s a 33-meter still structure with a spinning arm that’s powered by electricity inside the accelerator greater ad a safelight the faster turning of the system creates kinetic energy that’s meant to spin the spotlight faster than five times the speed of the sound. The sub-orbital accelerator is made to send the satellite into an orbit close to earth about 2 000 kilometers above the surface of the earth. Spin launch wants to keep adding to its technology and equipment so it can send things into even higher orbits something about this just kind of blows my mind.

#. Graphene & Graphene Oxide

Graphene is a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms that are only one atom thick that’s like really really thin graphene is the building block of graphite which is used in the9ing like pencil tips but it’s also a very interesting substance on its own it has an of other amazing properties it the amen the wonder material more than one time at one atom thick graphene is the thinnest material more than one time at one atom thick graphene is the thinnest material that we know of it’s also very strong about 200 times stronger than steel graphing is also a great conductor of both heat and electricity and it can absorb light in really interesting ways. it’s a material that could honestly change the world because it could be used in almost any industry graphene has also made its way into consumer electronics for example Huawei’s top-of-the-line smartphones use graphene film cooking technology to deal with heat. Ford’s another well-known company that uses graphene in its 2019 F-150 and Mustang cars Ford uses graphene reinforce forced foam to cover noisy parts when graphene is mixed with foam ford says that the parts are 17 quieter 20 percent stronger and 30 percent more resistant to heat which is cool unless you like your mustang

#. GPS 3

Since 1993 the US airforce has allowed the rest of the world to use its global positioning systems better known as GPS since this technology become a part of our daily life it’s in our phones cars and even in our watches. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the US keeps putting money into developing technologies for both civilian and military use and that money is about to pay off big time with the latest development GPS 3 is already in the process of being it already has two satellites in orbit and 8 more are in various stages of development here’s what you can expect when the next generation of GPS is fully operational in 2023. The GPS 2 system that we have now well but GPS 3 is going to be a whole lot better the next version of GPS should be three times more accurate than the current version this means that the accuracy of current GPS technologies which is about will drop to just one to three meters and the signal is going to be stronger. So it’ll be able to get through annoying interference and all kinds of positioning and tracking will become insanely accurate now if I can just figure out where i left my car keys.

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