All About ‘Float Farming’ An Emerging Technologies

Floating Farming

Due to the increase in the demand for food to feed our growing population, all around the world for that we need more and more farming land. And in order to get new framing land we can clean our existing forest land and clean them to use that area as farming land. But if we see then there are around 75 % of the space of our earth left untouched because we all know that 75% of the land is full of water and till now we can’t have technologies which help us in farming on this water. But recently scientists and researchers in the Netherlands found a way to farm on water which is known as floating farming. Which is not only effective but also a cheaper option. They can be built small-small floating houses on the ponds or rovers where around 14 cattle are kept without any trouble. The aim is to develop these technologies on large scale all around the world and also made them suitable for Ocean. These technologies now allow farmers to create products directly within the market where will be sold.

This floating farm can be adapted to the precise local needs the trial in Rotterdam was a floating platform designed to accommodate a herd of 32 cows for example and is secured in place by concrete that was driven into the seabed the entire structure rises and fills with a tide and robots are used to provide food to the animals and remove all waste products other versions could be used for alternative animals such are Ships and Goats. This will not only help us to save the forest from cutting all across the world but also help us to make organic gas from the waste of those wasted materials from those cattle who lived in floating farming land. Similar concepts will be applied to other pet animals like pigs and goats. On top of that scientists are trying to make the energy requirement of this floating farm through solar which means in other words we can say that these are green float farming. There are many such floating farming houses were made in the Netherlands which are very successful. So in other words we and say that these are already successful float farming concepts established in this area.

The next target of scientists is to develop such floating land for farming grains on large scale and save acres of forest from cutting all across the world to making them forming land. The main hurdle in this process is the cost of making a floating farm for farming is its cost. If anyone wants to clean an acre of forest land for farming then they did it with a cost of around a thousand dollars but on the other side anyone who wants to develop an Acer of floating farmland on any river or pound then it may need thousands of dollar hence cost-effective is one of the biggest hurdle in the development of this floating farm for farming. In the future instead of clearing large forests for now new farms floating versions could well become a viable alternative.


Military service members are exposed the some of the most extreme environments whether it be hiking across large distances flying a great height diving deep into the river or ocean this puts unique stress on their bodies and DARPA is trying to develop a range of pharmaceutical solutions to help them do this in the safest and efficient way. Panacea aims to understand the complex range of proteins that exists in our cells and create drugs that can target multiple things at once at first this means gaining the greatest understanding of the proteins that can be targeted.

Currently, all of the drugs approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration target about 549 proteins but there are more than 6 million different variants. Most drugs single out specific proteins mainly because this reduces side effects and increases the speed at which they can be developed. If a panacea is successful through new one can be developed that target multiple proteins in a multi-targeted approach, which could be far more effective while the intent is to develop these for military uses later on greater understandable undoubtedly lead to advancements and treatments for civilian too, and could open up a whole new batch of medicine. If in future scientists are able to develop such type of medicine then it very easy for our future generation to fight any pandemic like corona which cause death to millions of people across the world. Even during any disease these types of medicine work like a miracle and help a lot to any person recover from such a deadly disease.

According to a source scientists in the united states of America can able to merge around a million proteins in that Panacea medicine but because the total number of proteins is around 6 million so it’s quite a difficult task for them to merge all these proteins. Another thing that becomes a barrier in the development of this Panacea medicine with the help of technologies is its coasting because we all know it is quite a difficult task to merge all these proteins into a single medicine and somehow they can do this then it cost a lot so making it a cost-effective medicine is equally very important. If the medicine is quite expensive which is expected by many people then it is not possible for common people to buy this from medical and use it for their betterment if it happens then this Panacea medicine is only available for military personnel and only they can use it during their difficult time. So the conclusion about Panacea is that if scientists are able to develop this medicine at a lower cost then it really worked as Panacea but if the cost of this .quote complex medicine is high then it works like a panacea only for the Military or some rich people.

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