10 Amazing Machines That Use Magnets

Our ability to harness the power of magnetism has allowed for the development of countless technologies that we rely on in the modern world but there’s is far more useful for them than keeping a report card attached to the front of your fridge with their ability to generate electricity to align with the magnetic field of the earth and even to move objects let’s explore the most created machine ever made here are 10 amazing machines that use magnate.

#10. Maglev Train

Connecting Shanghai Pudong international airport with the long Yang road station where you can interchange with the Shanghai Metro the Shanghai maglev train holds the record for being the oldest commercial maglev still in operation and the fastest electric train in the world with an average speed of 268 miles or 423 km per hour. This allows the train to travel the 18.6 miles or 30 km tracks in just 7 min and 20 sec. Something possible because they operate entirely on magnets using the trans rapid system which was developed in Germany in the late 1960s. There are no wheels axles gear Transmission or steel rails instead the train levitates above the track guideway using the magnetic force between two arrays of electromagnetic coils with one side in the base of the train and the other on the surface of the track this means that the vehicles float on the magnetic cushion around 5.9 inches or 15 centimeters above the track and amazingly this process uses less electricity than the operation of the air conditioning units on board the magnetic is also used to transfer power from the track to the train so it actually doesn’t need a power source of its own to ensure the train remains in the correct position the Gap distance is measured more than a hundred thousand times per second and adjustments are made automatically and in the event of the breakdown the train carries back up batteries that can temporarily keep it in operation.

#2. Wind Turbines

With the ongoing need to move away from carbon-based-based fuels and to generate energy by using green alternatives wind farms are being built more than ever at sites across the globe they’re now a familiar sites with huge blades spinning around but they wouldn’t be possible at all if it wasn’t for the magnets that they use. Wind power has been used for centuries and these modern versions work in very much in same way instead of using the motion of the sails to operate the Machinery insides of a flower Mill the rotation of energy is instead channelled into an electrical generator which is essentially a device that rotates magnets inside a wore coil known as a permanent magnets generator the magnet at the center which is made up of alternating North and South poles is spun around within an induction coil it’s a basic principle of physics that in an environment like this a changing magnetic field will produce electricity which is the reverse process to how applying a charge to a coil will produce a magnetic field because these turbines use permanent magnets rather than elect electrically produce temporary ones they need very little input to allow them operate effectively and once they have been built only require occasional maintenance to ensure the parts aren’t away something that is particularly useful given the fact most turbines are in places that are very difficult to access.

#3. Scrapheap Magnet

Humans, create a large amount of waste so much so that large quantities of it are sent t landfill sites where it is simply buried and forgotten about when it comes to metal waste, particularly from Vehicles it may instead be sent to a scrap heap where any parts that are reusable can be salvaged one of the most effective ways of doing this is with a scrap heap magnet after the cars have been crushed into pieces it takes a person an impractical amount of time to sift through and retrieve anything that is useful but magnets can do virtually the same job by differentiating between magnetic elements and non-magnetic ones. The magnetic used in scrap yards are powerful electromagnets that are made up of a wire coil and an iron coil. When a current is passed through the wires the core becomes magnetized and this then attracts everything that is made of iron Cobalt and nickel. The ability to separate these materials from everything else saves a huge amount of time and sorting and it’s also pretty cool to see in action.

#4. Central Solenoid

The most ambitious science project ever attempted is currently being assembled in France known as iter. It is the creation of a new nuclear energy facility that instead of using nuclear fission to produce energy as is the case at all other nuclear power plants this attempts to recreate the process of the center of the sun to harness nuclear fusion this in theory could be the cleanest and greatest sources of power and everything goes to plan could solve our impending energy needs by the end of this century one of the main challenges with the process through is that the temperatures created in the experiment at more than 270 million degrees Fahrenheit will be hot enough to melt every known material on earth. So the instead magnetic field is used to contain the reaction in a ring away from the metal surface a completely new type of magnets have to be designed to make this even possible and the facility is now installing the device which is called the most powerful solenoid which is the most powerful magnets ever constructed it so big that it had to be built in several parts but one they are combined it will be 60 feet or 18 meters tall 14 feet wide and weight more than that of 11 000 tons. Incredibly the magnetic forces it will be able to generate will be able to equivalent to 280 000 times the earth’s magnetic field which means the structure it sits in will have to be able to withstand forces equal to twice the power of the shuttle launches the magnetic itself if used elsewhere, for example, would be able to lift an aircraft carrier into the air and has taken more than two years to build this thing.

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