5 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years.

Technologies Vs Jobs

We all know that our upcoming future is incredibly exciting and filled with new technologies and new opportunities but for some others, this is because we all know that everything in this universe has its own pros and cons, and the same with our new technologies. We all know or read somewhere that the upcoming future is bright but the future doesn’t look as bright for a particular section and we want to raise some concerns with you guys. A study done at Oxford University found that 45% of all current jobs will disappear in the next ten years. Some of them were completely automated or at least upgraded which resulted in job loss. So this will greatly impact the way you plan for your future carrier and if you make your future carrier decision after reading this article then we are aware of these job cuts.

Here is the list of the jobs that will radically change in the upcoming decade and the years that follow. If you one who currently working in either of these industries it might be a smart call to look for alternatives or learn new skills for having extra options in the case of jobs lost.


At present more than 1.2 billion people are associated with or working as a driver in the whole world. And according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla will start its production in the field of automated cars at the end of the year 2024. Another report from an independent agency in India said that in the upcoming 10 years, more than 40 % of cars running on the road will either be automated or semi-automated. The other concern about truck drivers because around half of these 1.2 billion drivers are associated with trucks Germany has already launched its first automated truck and it was successful in all its trial periods. It just needed approval from the government and will be started production on large scale. So, if you are working as a driver then try to learn new skills so that you can easily shift to other occupations in case of jobs loss.


In the early days there was a huge demand for human resources but nowadays when technologies get better and better day by day the requirement for human resources in the field of farming is decreasing day by day. Especially in developing countries where the high scale of technologies was used in farming. The new automated heavy machines will do the work of humans. So according to reports in the upcoming decades, we will see large numbers of jobs cut in the field of farming. Developing countries like India and its neighbors will take more time to make their farming automated so if you are associated with farming in these developing countries then don’t worry for the next two decades but if you are a farmer in developed countries like the USA and its allies then you must be started learning new skills so in future if you lost your job then switch into others field easily.


After the invention of ATMs the banking system changed very rapidly, people get cash without going to the bank. This will result in fewer numbers of cashiers in banks. On top of that today after the digital revolution the requirement for cashiers in a bank decreased very rapidly. And many reports said that this decrease in the number of cashiers increases further. If you are working in public sectors bank then don’t worry because you are not going to lose your job but if you are a cashier in the public sectors banks then must start looking for other sectors because its a very high chance that you will be lost your job in next 10 to 15 years. There are many other factors that decrease the demand for cashiers in banks and one of them is a digital currency. Due to this people don’t need cash currency to do their business which will result in decreased demand for cashiers in banks. This digitalization of banks will not only affect the cahier but also the other employees associated with banking. A report says that the number of banks in the next 20 years will be half the number of banks at present.

Travel Agent

One of the major reasons for job loss in all fields is this digital revolution. A travel agent is one of them, because nowadays if people plan for a trip then they don’t go to consult with a travel agent, they just go on many travel sites and booked their own tickets. so in other words we can say that travel agents can be replaced by travel sites. so if you working as a travel agent then you have two options left. Number one is to switch to an online mode like making your own travel sites so that people can visit your site and plan their journey and the second option is to learn other skills and switched to another field because the demand for travel agents will further decrease very rapidly.

Manufacture Workers

Like the decrease in the demand for drivers and farmers due to automated machines and robotic technologies, In the same way, the requirement for manufacturing workers will decrease in the upcoming future. One of the main reasons behind this is the 3D printers because it will construct a whole new building in just a few hours if you provide it the raw materials and this will directly result in low demand for the workforce. The use of heavy machinery in the construction of any building will one of the main reasons for job loss in manufacturing sectors. If you are associated with these fields then don’t worry you have many options provided you learn one or two skills. The skills of handling the heavy machinery used in the manufacturing of a building will help you to get another job in the same sector.

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