How The Printer Changed World

Role Of Printer In Rapid Human Evolution

There have been several technological disruptions that have changed the course of human evolution from the invention of the wheel the development of agriculture, and the invention of the printing press to the internet these innovations have completely transformed the way we live work and communicate and today we are seeing a new disruption take place. Some like to downplay it some are just scared of it but one thing is certain it will change the way we do everything and that is the AI Revolution.

Now to better understand why we believe there is a disruption coming we need to take a look at what all the previous technological disruptions had in common because once you see the patterns things become a lot more clear it all started with the development of agriculture, where people understood how to farm the land to produce more food easier. This removed the need for hunters to risk their lives every day and provided a stable source of resources for the masses. it’s how civilization started it continued with the invention of the wheel which allowed more goods and people o be transported easier the printing press invented in the 15th century allowed more people to get access to knowledge easier.

The industrial revolution allowed us to make more things easier and it goes on and on for every new technology do you see the pattern here? Every time we manage to do way more with way less. A disruption happens now out of all of these let’s take a closer look at one in particular. One that is closely related to what we are seeing today is the printing press.

Life Of Humans Before The Invention Of The Printer

Now before the invention of the printing press life was vastly different in terms of access to knowledge and information books were considered a luxury item and were very expensive to produce often being hand-copied by scribes monks and other literate individuals. Usually in the church, as a result, books were limited in availability and often accessible to the wealthy and Elite for the common people oral storytelling and memorization were the primary means of transmitting information and preserving cultural traditions which is the reason why bards were so popular back in the day. They were highly regarded for their ability to remember and recite epic Tales and myths and legends. And the lack of printed books also meant the dissemination of knowledge was restricted to those who had access to it mainly the wealthy and the elite.

This led to an information gap between the ruling class and the common people who were left without access to essential information without printed material education was limited to a selected few. And those who had access to books had a significant advantage over those who did not lead to a divide in society the common people were often illiterate making them more vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation but everything changes mid the 15th century when the printed press was invented. It revolutionized the way books are produced making them more accessible and affordable to the masses books could now be produced more quickly more cheaply and with greater accuracy.

Role Of Printer In Spreading Education

All of a sudden information was not reserved for the elite anymore, anyone could now access the same information with little to no barriers to entry. The printing press did one huge thing democratization of knowledge. It allowed anyone equal access to knowledge regardless of their background family prestige or access to a high-level school. The pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world was now free which leads us to today’s topic. you see what we have today is a democratization of ability. Now before we go into what we mean by this let’s take a short look to understand how the invention of printer changes the life of common children.

Let’s Ram was a student who was born into a poor family and he was a very curious child who always want to learn or read something but since he was a student before the 15th century when the printing press was not invented so it was quite difficult for its’s parent to afford the price because as I above mentioned that the price of the book at those days are very costly. You understand it with an example that at an early age books were considered luxury items those who have books were considered rich people. So Ram’s curiosity died because he can’t get access to books those days due to the lack of printing books in the market. If he got access to a book that he wanted he may be the next greatest scientist.

Invention Of Printer

We have seen that most of the great inventions or discoveries come to light after the 15th century after the invention of the printing press. This is because those who were born before the invention of the printing press did not get access to any books because the price of books was very costly. And after the invention of the printing press, the pricing of printed books in the market go low and the common man can afford a book for their children. So due to this, the spread of knowledge grew rapidly and people started thing or knowing about new things due to which they curiously increased in those fields like space physics environment and many more.

Access to books spread knowledge very rapidly and resulted in many great inventions and discoveries. All these technologies which we are using today are somehow related to the invention of the printing press. In another world, the printing press changed our world very rapidly, and due to this, we can see many new technologies in the present day. Nowadays new e-books become very populator among students which is also a very good move. It is cheaper than printed books and in the upcoming days, it change the world more than after the inventions of the printed press our world changes.

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